Building your new home is anexciting experience. We also believe that the construction process should be just as enjoyable as the moment you see your new home finished. It is our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout the building period and long after.

Constructions India was founded on the philosophy that the personal involvement of the owners is the best way to ensure your satisfaction. We personally oversee the details, from planning to groundbreaking to the final inspection. Frequent and regular communication, both on and off the jobsite, ensures a steady flow of information and gives you the personal attention we believe you deserve.

Constructions India is registered with Central Government - Postal and Telecommunication Departments and had successfully executed their projects on Scheduled time, stipulated budget and of specified quality and standards. The greatest asset of the Construction and development organization like this, its management and technical team

The Expertise:
The members of Constructions India have requisite background in all aspects of civil construction throught there years and have developed a keen awareness to foster new ideas and attitudes in modern development in all kinds of Civil Engineering Projects. Also there are Managers, Site Engineer, Supervisors etc., all well qualified and experienced in the field of Civil Engineering and Construction.

The Team:
Er.T.S.Saravanan B.E., AIID
Er.T.S.Venkataraman B.E., C.Eng(I).,M.I.E.,F.I.V